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I'm a former English teacher and private tutor who is passionate about education. I've been writing professionally for the past three years and have written educational worksheets for use in schools as well as contributing to an educational journal. I've also written on every other topic under the sun!

How to plan your Coursework

The key to successfully planning coursework for any subject is allowing plenty of time, and incorporating as much detail as possible into your schedule.

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Entrepreneurial pointers to Academic Success

Entrepreneurs take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn, and rather than seeing it as a chore, they genuinely enjoy the experience.


What to do if you don’t get the results you were expecting

If you’re not sure which direction you should head in, don’t be afraid to seek the advice of tutors, teachers, parents and friends.


Top Tips for Revision

The best way to take control is by following a dedicated and varied revision schedule. Simply staring at your textbooks is not the answer.

The Easter Proclomation

The Easter Rising: What’s it all about?

You may hear or see some features in the media around now about an event in Irish history referred to as The Easter Rising. But what was this, and who was involved? This is a relatively brief overview, but if you are interested, read on. As a result of the 1800 Act of Union, Ireland […]

A film can entertain but be quite different to its source...

Read the book or Watch the film?

If you can see what a character is doing, but not the thought processes, feelings and experiences behind those actions, the story will not have the same level of resonance.

Does exclusion mean my right to learn is gone?

Whatever your age or circumstance, it is never too late to restart your education.

Is Part-time learning a modern economic necessity?

Distance learning or an evening class can be a great means of gaining a much needed qualification, and of spreading its cost and commitment over a more manageable period.

How can Distance Learning work for you?

Distance learning is an option that suits many, as they are able to combine their studies with other commitments such as families and paid work.

Should Children study IT at Primary school?

The study of IT at primary school is also an important part of preparing for secondary school.

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