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    Fay has taught extensively within arts education for 15 years. She specialises in English and drama, with an emphasis on Shakespeare. Having trained as an actor at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she worked for many years as a theatre actor, spending a lot of time performing Shakespeare's plays. Alongside this she established a career as a freelance theatre practitioner working with primary, secondary and SEN schools on a varied program of drama projects. She has worked within the GCSE Drama and English curriculum as well as A level English and Theatre Studies. She has also developed programs of work utilising drama as a way of enlivening other curriculum subjects. Fay has spent several years working closely with Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, where she devised and delivered work to engage students with Shakespeare's language in an active way. She is also a freelance content writer.


    The Real Life Witchcraft of Macbeth

    In 1603, following the death of Elizabeth I, James became King not just of Scotland but also of England. He brought his obsession with witchcraft with him. An obsession that would influence the writing of Macbeth…