Articles by Francis Verity

My last job was as a tutor for OOL. I taught on courses providing professional training for school support staff, as well as A level English Literature and English Literature GCSE. Prior to that, I worked in schools, colleges, adult education and the Arts, including a period as a local authority inspector. I'm going to make myself busy trying to keep you up to date with different aspects of education news – and also to keep you interested.

The Spirit of Adventure in Speed

It’s 4,500 miles from New York to Los Angeles, but whilst in 1903 it took a fast car 63 days to travel this distance, the current record time is just over 28 hours.

Cathedrals at Risk?

Cathedrals are a permanent part of the very fabric of the nation.

Do Community Schools Work?

Community schools have reduced rural isolation and urban deprivation and opened up their facilities to the local population.

How do we Improve Schools?

If HMI combine their particular expertise with Ofsted’s reach and capacity, wouldn’t that make the best possible combination, a real ‘winning team’?

Women and Education

Only 10% of science professors are women; 20% of judges; internationally, there are probably fewer heads of state than you might think. You catch my drift…

What courses should we teach?

Choice is becoming quantity. Not everyone, however – including the professionals themselves – can agree there is enough quality or work experience.

How do Teachers Really want to teach?

Teachers want their students to achieve that ‘Eureka’ moment where they understand something new or have learned a new skill.

How and When do we Learn?

Scientists have been fascinated by learning and how the brain does it for a long time.

Exams, exams, exams

Every year the exam grading system and results are heavily publicised and often criticised. Changes are usually proposed thereafter…

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