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I'm a freelance copywriter with an undergraduate degree in English Literature. I've written for many different outlets, including but not limited to marketing agencies, graduate recruitment websites, and online training companies. I've even interviewed a few famous actors for student and arts blogs too! Covering a wide span of material has been incredibly rewarding, as I get to turn my experiences in the arts, education and careers into helpful advice. I sincerely hope you'll find something to your liking here!


Finances: A Valuable subject for the Classroom?

If the principle of saving is taught and understood early, the chances are that pupils will take their present and future finances more seriously.


How Does Blogging Help Students?

As the world evolves and changes shape, so too does the world of blogging!

School League Tables

Do University and School League Tables Matter?

Better schools come with advantages, but if they aren’t fully taken advantage of, students and pupils may as well take their education elsewhere. It’s not enough to get in and sit idly on the victory – the real work begins after enrolment!

School Week

Could We Have a Shorter School Week?

Shorter school weeks are already here in some schools and have been considered very recently in others, though not to improve mental health or workplace pressure. Currently, a lack of funding is more likely to be the reason.


How to Cope When Repeating School Years

In the end, everyone learns at their own pace, and that is something that should never be discouraged.

Special Needs Education

Special Needs Education: Is it Good Enough?

Reportedly, there were 2,060 children in 2018 who had education, health and care plans who received no support at all.

Physical Education gives life skills as well as those of sports and fitness.

Physical Education Must Not Be Marginalised

Physical Education. can also teach essential skills such as CPR, communication and leadership skills, how to swim and health and safety guidelines on certain sporting premises.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

What Is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

It gives all young people an opportunity to play to their non-academic strengths, or to be temporarily free from the endless gravy train of vigorous study, exams, results, and resits.

STEM Subjects

STEM Subjects: Are they really Superior?

STEM subjects typically lead to better job prospects. There’s no way around this; the breadth of practical knowledge students acquire in STEM fields is astounding.


How can Schools be Fundamentaly Improved?

as teachers are voicing their concerns in bigger numbers than ever before, all schools need to do is listen and act. Through that dialogue, improvements can undoubtedly be made.

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