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    Greg is the Head Of Operations at Oxford Home Schooling and has more than 25 years of experience in Distance Learning and Home Education

    8 ways to teach your children life skills at home

    Our recent study surveyed 750 parents in the UK to find out how many children know and understand life skills by the time they leave school. We discovered that many parents worry their young ones will finish their education and still be relatively unprepared for adulthood, mainly due to the absence of life skills on […]

    How to expand your child’s vocabulary at home

    Oxford Home Schooling recently analysed 10,000 tweets from different UK cities to see which have the biggest and smallest vocabularies, and Glasgow came out on top, with the highest percentage of unique words (38.2%). Belfast isn’t far behind (37.8%) in second place. Both cities have strong dialects and over time have shortened words as well […]

    A levels

    How To Choose A Levels

    Universities will have specific requirements for different courses, so once you have a path to follow, selecting the A Levels you need for that discipline are easier to pick out.

    Children spend 56% more time on technology than they do playing outside

    There are many benefits to children spending time outside, from building physical health to improving sensory skills, but our recent study found that lots of parents are

    VPNs and third party learning resources

    To enhance the richness of the learning experience our courses will frequently recommend the use of resources which are not part of our course materials.

    Can you do your kids homework?

    Homeschooling has many benefits for the whole family… Test yourself on these primary school homework questions.

    Which local authorities will need more teachers in the near future?

    The number of pupils in the UK is increasing, but in England many local authorities aren’t recruiting enough…

    The problem of predicted grades

    So what’s the problem with predicted grades? Let’s not beat about the bush, predicted grades are a problem. They are primarily used to allow Universities and Sixth Form Colleges to carry out forward planning and make offers to the students that they would like to accept. The main problem with them: they are normally wrong. […]

    How lockdowns have impacted school bullying

    Bullying is a tragic part of school life that many children will unfortunately experience during their education. Despite many schools being closed for parts of the last year, bullying still proved to be an issue for many pupils across England. We’ve analysed new Department for Education data to reveal which local authorities saw the biggest […]

    15 ‘facts’ you learnt at school that aren’t true any more

    Our knowledge is constantly evolving, and occasionally this means that, over time, things that were taught as ‘facts’ at school are no longer true.