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Should students be allowed to go on holiday during term time?

What happens if a parent’s employer dictates their annual leave? Is family time no longer important?

Evidence Home Schooling Works?

On Sunday the TES reported that home schooling breeds broader minds. Anecdotally, I agree with this statement. However, as is so often the case when I read about so called scientific evidence that either supports or opposes home education, this case isn’t really supported by the new report, certainly not in the UK. The report […]

The Science of the Winter Solstice

On December 21st at 6.30 a.m. the Sun will rise exactly between two specific pillars at the Temple at Karnak, North Luxor, Egypt. It has done this once every year for the last 3000 years, ever since the temple was built by the ancient Pharaohs’ to the God Amun – Re. Amun – Re was […]

Making the most of Mock exams

When the last lesson is finished and the last TMA based on the lessons marked, and with any issues followed up, it is time to start revision and contemplating the mock exams. The mock exam papers are the last TMAs that you will do and are an excellent opportunity to prepare you for the real […]

Making the most of your Specification

The specification is published by your examination board. It details all the areas of your subject that you might encounter in the exam papers you plan to sit. You will find details of where to download your specification in the introduction section of your course folder. Your specification is referred to in each lesson on […]

Making the most of your textbook

Most OHS courses have a textbook associated with them, often specific to the examination that you will be sitting.  Ordering this textbook is one of the first things you will do after you have unpacked your course folders. Do make sure you order the correct one:  the ISBN number is the best way to check; […]

Making the most of your subject tutor

Making the most of ….. Tutor contact Your tutor can make a significant difference to your studies. Using a distance learning course on your own could feel lonely, but with your tutor on hand to help you have back-up when you need it. During your first phone call, you will start to get to know […]

Making the most of every lesson – Tutor Marked Assignments

Every few lessons you will have a Tutor Marked Assignment to complete. This is an excellent opportunity to cement your knowledge and improve your understanding and exam technique. When you get to a TMA you should look back over the previous lessons before starting the assignment. If there are any parts of the lessons that […]

Making the most of every lesson – the end section

You have read all the information and textbook references for a lesson, you have completed, marked and followed up the activities … time for a cup of tea?  Definitely! But before you go on to the next lesson, spend twenty minutes or so on the end section. The end section begins with a list of […]

Libraries in Modern GCSE and A Level Education – Part Two

Once a student reaches GCSE and A level standard education, many schools and colleges require bibliographies to be written at the end of each project, report, dissertation, or essay. Higher marks are always given to those who have read around the subject, and can show which sources have been used for their research. The perfect […]

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