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Opinion: When should we to Apply to University?

One has to bear in mind that more than half the predicted grades are proven to be incorrect.

Opinion: Out with the Old and in with the New

Gove embarked on many reforms during his time, most of them controversial, and many blame him directly for the latest rounds of teachers’ strikes we have seen.

Since when did Summer Spring forward?

British summer time, or BST, is also known as Daylight Saving Time. We are all familiar with the clocks changing twice a year, yet most of us are grateful for the reminders in the papers. We are also familiar with the concept of trying to get better use of the daylight, of taking advantage of […]

Editing History

We are all familiar with historical novels or historical films tending to be very loosely based on fact and rather more rooted in fiction. It is hardly surprising, though. Often it is because sources are scarce, or research has been inadequate. Seldom, however, is there a need to omit real history and quotes, once they […]

The Necessity of Note taking

Taking notes is something that students mostly associate with skills learned in a classroom – so many may ask themselves if this is still essential for home schooled students. Moreover, many may think that it is only a necessary skill for those taking formal exams at the end of their course, such as IGCSE or […]

Michael Gove and the History Curriculum

The Education Secretary Michael Gove claimed that children no longer knew whether the Greeks came first or the Ancient Egyptians, and who the Romans were? And how does Britain fit in? Apparently whole centuries have been neglected. Gove envisaged a more narrative curriculum, a route march through history. His first draft of the new curriculum […]

The History of the New Year’s Resolution

We surely are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions. Many of us start the incoming year with promises to do or stop doing something. Generally these are regarding making better use of inherent talents, improving our health or committing charitable acts such as helping our neighbours. The top ten resolutions involve searching for a new […]

Should school students “be able to rate teachers”?

An article in the Telegraph  has quoted one leading headmaster as saying that students “should be able to rate teachers.” With things such as automatic progression between pay levels disappearing, and schools having greater freedom setting them appropriate to teaching jobs versus incoming teachers’ levels, the path to performace-related pay has been cleared. To date, […]

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