Articles by Jane Bradley

Don’t Fear Shakespeare!

Should children still be made to study the classics, or should the curriculum focus on modern, accessible English literature to engage our learners and encourage reading? By Jane Bradley, Oxford Open Learning tutor. One of the most ironic statements made to me in class was by a petulant 14-year-old boy, incensed by my persistent attempts […]

Should home schooling be covered by the new special needs personal allowance?

When the government made its announcement last year that it was to carry out a major shake-up of the system responsible for educating children with special education needs, it was met with mixed reactions. Whilst some parents and educational experts welcomed the initiative, hoping this meant a higher chance of children with SEN receiving appropriate […]

Should Being the Victim of Bullying Be Counted as Having Special Needs?

A 2011 survey estimated that over 16,000 people aged 11-15 are either frequently absent from school, or are home educated because of bullying. The problem of bullying is still clearly a significant one, with many parents choosing to withdraw their children from the school system out of concerns for their safety, or because they feel […]

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