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UCI, ULN, PLR, etc., etc., etc.-: What does it all MEAN?

People in government and education seem to be obsessed with acronyms…

Help for if you believe you have been wrongly graded

For A level students who don’t agree with their grade, there are several options that are very clearly documented.

Student of the Year 2013

Wow! What an incredibly diverse and talented group of young people we have studying with Oxford Home Schooling. Our choice of a winner for Student of the Year is almost impossible. Oxford Home Schooling has a large number of students who are in specialist training establishments. They are working hard at getting a good education […]

Record number of centres accepting OOL and OHS external students.

Every year at Oxford Open Learning and Oxford Home Schooling we write to all the examinations centres where we know our students took exams and ask them to confirm the results that our students were awarded. This provides us with a useful database of centres who have helped our students each year and are therefore […]

A level results day is here!

Firstly, good luck to all Oxford Home Schooling A level students. Your results, that you have no doubt been anticipating with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, will finally be available to you today. You will need to collect them from the examination centre where you sat your written papers. If you cannot get there […]

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