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    The Runners of The Great War took huge risks

    Runners of The Great War: William Edwin Whitaker and Roy Klinzing

    I hope that these stories of ordinary heroes help bring you closer to the history of the Great War, and illustrates the bravery required to do the job.

    A Depiction of a Runner in Front of the Trenches at Arras

    1917: The Runners of the First World War

    The risk to a runner’s life was so great that messages were often sent with two or three carriers on different routes to ensure at least one reached its destination.

    Psychological Medicine

    The Impact of World War One on Psychological Medicine

    A few months ago I wrote an article about the impact of the First World War on medical treatments for bodily injuries, diseases and infections such as those from burns and Typhoid fever. However, this told only half the story. As I cover here, the harm caused by the Great War was as much mental […]

    War always brings medical advancements.

    How did World War One Impact Medicine?

    New technologies of death and destruction brought with them wounds and bodily disorders completely new to medicine, and as a result the medical field would embark on a journey of similarly hasty scientific advancement.