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Dr Kathryn Bates is a graduate of archaeology and history. She has excavated across the world as an archaeologist, and tutored medieval history at Leicester University. She joined the administrative team at Oxford Open Learning twelve years ago. Alongside her distance learning work, Dr Bates is a bestselling novelist, and an itinerant creative writing tutor for primary school children.



The roots of the Hanukkah story date back to 168 B.C., when the Jewish Holy Temple was seized on the orders of the Greek emperor Antiochus.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week

This annual event aims to encourage the people of the UK to plant as many new trees as possible.

Unreliable Narrator

What do we mean by an Unreliable Narrator?

In fiction, an unreliable narrator is someone the author wants to be untrustworthy because that fact is going to propel their plot forward.


Bees, Climate and Us

The British Beekeepers Association recently announced a significant drop in the average hive’s yearly yield of bees. Numbers have been dropping within British hives for decades.

Enid Blyton

The Enduring Appeal of Enid Blyton

In 2017, Blyton’s titles were still selling at the rate of one per minute in the UK alone. It is a figure that remains unchanged today.

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia: Soldier, Scholar, Diplomat

His respect and understanding of the Arabic population led to a life as diplomat, soldier and writer, campaigning against the Turkish Ottoman Empire. His life and work earned him the nickname Lawrence of Arabia.

Climate Change

Climate Change: Is it too late?

The time to act is not in ten years or even in two. It’s now.

Astronomer Royal

The First Astronomer Royal

John Flamsteed began his working life as the Astronomer Royal in the Tower of London, where it’s said that the ravens made his life very difficult by nesting on his telescopes…

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Death of Shelley

His time at Oxford was cut short, as he was expelled for supporting atheism.

A Galaxy

Kepler: The Planet Hunter

The analysis of the data Kepler transmitted back to Earth will take decades of work to research, but despite the mission being over, the information gathered is still being received today.