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I was a student studying Forensic Psychology at University when my 9 year old began to show severe signs of School Phobia. I struggled to cope, as did he, and as a method of coping I began to document it all. This turned into a blog, then into a website, and finally into a fantastic group page. Throughout our journey the information available was lax, so I was determined to use my previous experience, two degrees (BSc,MSc) & research into the condition, to then help others. I now write, advise parents and continuously raise awareness so that no one has to re-live my experience or be without the knowledge they need to understand this debilitating condition.

Help! I think my child has School Phobia!

If you think your child has School Phobia, you may be experiencing difficulty reaching the gate to your child’s school. As you approach and draw closer, your child could begin to display an intense fear, possibly inducing such unmistakable physical symptoms as trembling, panic attacks, distress, vomiting, even diarrhoea and, at home, sleep disturbances. School […]

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