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    Kaye Jones is a teacher and freelance writer, with a passion for history and education.


    Visualisation: A Powerful Tool for Academic Success

    Because your brain believes that you’ve already aced the exam, it will start to change the way you think and, over time, how you behave.

    Norman Conquest

    Why The Norman Conquest Still Matters

    As soon as William took power, French became the new English. It was now the language spoken by anybody who held power.

    revision podcasts

    Revision Podcasts for GCSE Exams

    If you want to test out the effectiveness of podcasts for yourself, here are some suggestions…

    Black History Month

    Black History Month 2020

    Black History Month: A Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement in Britain There’s no denying it: in school history lessons, we tend to focus on the civil rights movement in 20th century America only, rather than any here in the UK – even at GCSE level. Because so much of our attention is on America, […]

    The Blitz

    The Blitz: What Your Teacher Left Out

    A survey from 1940 shows that only 5% of Londoners took refuge in a public shelter, and 27% in a domestic shelter.

    Learning Beyond Borders

    International Literacy Day 2020

    We know that your literacy level has a direct impact on the kind of life you will have as an adult.


    5 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Reading

    Any form of literature counts as reading: from a blog post or short story, to a comic or poem.

    The Peterloo Massacre

    The Peterloo Massacre: 5 Facts To Know

    Don’t forget that this was also the era of the Industrial Revolution. Life had changed significantly for ordinary people in the last half century or so – and rarely for the better.

    The Scrap of Paper

    The Scrap Of Paper That Led The Way To War

    When you learn about the causes of World War One, you’ll likely be taught the long-term reasons first. But have you heard of “The Scrap of Paper?”


    What is Metacognition and How Can It Help Me Become a Better Learner?

    Metacognition improves learning and boosts academic performance. It acts like an “inner voice”, helping you plot a more successful learning journey.