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    I am a practising HR consultant working with several start-ups on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis in the London and M4 area, and am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or CIPD. I am the Director of thecareercafe.co.uk; thecareercafe.co.uk is a resource for start-ups and small business. It includes a blog containing career advice, small business advice articles, HR software reviews, and contains great resources such as HR Productivity Apps.


    Have Scientists Discovered Our Very Own Adamantium?

    Scientists have become extremely excited by this particular new alloy due to its near-impossible strength in both hot and cold temperatures, something previously unachievable.

    speed of light?

    Is There Anything Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

    There are several situations where it may be possible for things to travel faster than the speed of light.


    How Do Hurricanes Form?

    When a Hurricane makes landfall it can often create a huge storm surge,. These can create waves 20 feet high, able to move several miles inland to devastating effect.


    Discovering New Species

    I have to admit the newly discovered Electric Blue Tarantula caught my imagination…


    Historical Interpretations Of An Eclipse

    The ancient Chinese associated an eclipse with a celestial dragon devouring the sun.

    Quasi moons

    What Is A Quasi Moon?

    What’s fascinating about Quasi-moons is that although astrophysicists as far back as 1913 had predicted their existence, the theory was not confirmed until 2002.

    King Arthur

    King Arthur: Man Or Myth?

    Depictions and suggestions of who Arthur was are not in wild contradiction with each other and do seem to be a plausible foundation for the fabled King. However…

    The Death Zone

    The Everest Death Zone

    The effects of extreme high altitude on the lungs can be devastating.

    Electromagnetic waves

    Electromagnetic Waves

    To fully understand electromagnetic waves we should familiarize ourselves with the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    A Geological Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

    This journey is purely hypothetical, but it is nonetheless an interesting one to travel.