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    Kellie McCord is a private tutor with over eight years of experience. Having been a lecturer and educator in China, India, Finland and the UK, she has a wealth of teaching experiences, allowing her to build rapport with students from all walks of life. Respect and inclusivity is at the heart of Kellie's tutoring, which is why she has Diplomas in the Pedagogy of Dyslexia and Mindfulness, allowing her to work with SEND learners. Kellie's mission is to empower students with the self-belief and confidence to achieve their academic goals and set them up for a life of success. She is also the founder of Uplevel Academy, which you can find more about by following the link below her blog -


    Capturing Memories

    Visual literacy is a skill set as crucial as reading and writing in the digital age. Analysing photographs hones observation skills, encourages critical thinking, and teaches you to decode visual cues.

    Creative Writing

    Creative Writing: Unlocking Imagination

    Creative writing is not just about stringing together words; it’s about constructing worlds, solving puzzles, and exploring the depths of imagination.


    The Power Of Music

    Music has a unique ability to captivate our brains (hence you might get a jingle stuck in your head), but not all music is created equal in the eyes (or rather, ears) of our brains.

    Learning Beyond Borders

    Learning Beyond Borders

    Learning beyond borders is not just a concept; it’s a mindset—a commitment to embracing diversity, fostering dialogue, and seeking knowledge wherever it may be found.


    Navigating Exam Anxiety

    As the exam season begins, many students find themselves grappling with a familiar foe: anxiety.


    Are Printed Articles A Dying Medium?

    Printed publications have historically served as cultural artefacts, capturing moments in time and preserving them for future generations.


    Opinion: How Orwellian Are We?

    Let’s see if there is any truth in Orwell’s predictions…


    A Little Half Term Reading

    Here are two reading recommendations I put forward…