Articles by Manfred Schulz

Students on Teachers…

Let me start with a little anecdote… As I was in charge of the newly qualified teachers and their assessment, I got to see a great many lessons. A particularly good one I once saw was in religious education, about the problem of God allowing evil. There were very clear learning objectives, which were shared […]

On Retaining the Beneficial Elements of GCSE Coursework

In Indonesia you can get a driving licence by having a brief chat about road signs with a police officer and paying a fee. A practical test is not needed. I have had to drive in Jakarta, it accounts for most of my gray hair. It is worrying, then, that we are moving towards a […]

In Defence of GCSE Coursework

Recently, many GCSE subjects have moved away from coursework, and this trend is continuing. But is this a good thing or not? It may be worth thinking back to the rationale of coursework being introduced in the first place. This varies slightly from subject to subject, but there are some common themes. First of all, […]

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