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    I’m Memuna Konteh, a Sierra Leonean writer who grew up in North Yorkshire and is currently based in London. I believe that broadening perspectives of history helps us gauge a deeper understanding of our present.


    Mysteries Of History: The Truth About Tituba, Catalyst Of Salem

    Tituba’s “confession” filled in – with sensational detail – the blanks in the supernatural explanations that Salem’s hyper-religious community had already begun forming in their minds.

    Samuel Pepys

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys

    Who Was Samuel Pepys? Samuel Pepys (pronounced ‘Peeps’) was a British public servant, naval admiral and later MP, who was born to tailor John Pepys and his wife Margaret, on Fleet Street, London in February 1633. In 1642, when Samuel was nine years-old, the English Civil War Broke out, leading to the execution of King […]