Articles by Pola Papadopoulou

Pola is an avid reader and passionate about anything education related. She is an English teacher and has taught students from diverse backgrounds, both privately and in the classroom. Her studies in English Language and Literature and International and Comparative Education have provided her with the necessary skills and knowledge to further pursue matters related to education - and to write for OOL.

How to get and stay organised in your studies

A study schedule can help you prioritise and keep up with your homework and assignments. Make sure to include an estimate of the time each subject will take as well as its deadline. If you are unsure or simply want a second opinions, you can always consult your teacher.

Team building Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Team building may very well start in the classroom, but you will not forget what it offers once you are outside of it.

Developing School Skills

Skills to Cultivate in Secondary School

You are going to need and will start putting “soft” and “hard” skills to good use, starting at secondary school.

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Writing Tips: On Essay Writing

You need academic writing in your essays through which you will need to persuade others of the seriousness, validity, and credibility of your subject.

On the Importance of Literature to Learning

Unfortunately, due to policy changes in education, the number of students following a more artistic path has dropped to its lowest in a decade.

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