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    Restitution – Beyond The Realm Of Long-Term Loans

    The Parthenon Marble friezes, or Elgin Marbles as they are often referred to, are the source of one of the UK’s most famous restitution debates.


    ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

    What is the current hype about? Can ASMR be used for positive gains in the world of individual psychology and wellbeing?

    King Richard III

    Richard III – Fact, Fiction Or Fable?

    The world of polarised heroes and villains has created a Richard III who is constantly maligned.

    The Commonwealth

    The Commonwealth – Part 2

    What is behind the longevity of the concept of the Commonwealth?

    The Commonwealth

    The Commonwealth – Part 1

    In 1949 it was agreed that full independent nations and republics could be part of this associated group of allied countries, without the necessity for any British influence.


    Why Consider Politics?: Part 3

    Continuing along the spectrum of political theory we turn our attention to what can be described as ‘Right’ orientated political theories.


    Why Consider Politics?: Part 2

    Here we take a brief look at the other ‘Left’ orientated theories of politics.


    Why Consider Politics?: Part 1

    The word ‘politics’ goes far beyond the narrow concept of political parties.

    Nobel Prize Refusals

    Nobel Prize Refusals: Jean-Paul Sartre and Le Duc Tho

    Unsurprisingly it was Tho and Sartre’s world views, philosophies and politics which propelled them to reject the notion of receiving their Nobel Prizes.

    The Nobel Peace Prize

    Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai: Education’s Nobel Peace Prize Winners

    At 17 years old, Malala is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner. In fact she is the youngest of any Nobel Prize to date.