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    A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol: Dickens’ Political Message

    A Christmas Carol, first published in 1843, highlighted the major impact of poverty experienced by many of those living within both the capital and other cities growing around newly industrialised locations.


    What Is The 80/20 Rule?

    In psychology, the 80/20 rule – otherwise known as the Pareto Principle – dictates that 80 percent of the results will come from only 20 percent of the causes.


    How Volunteering Can Benefit You

    Ultimately, volunteering is all about giving something to someone else.


    What Is Metacognition And How Does It Help You Study?

    Metacognition is a term that has found itself at the forefront of discussions around education in recent years.


    Reading Strategies To Help With Tricky Text

    If you find yourself staring at the page or reading the same paragraph again and again without a clue what it contains, try some of these techniques to help tackle the text at hand.