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Becky Kleanthous is a freelance copywriter, poet and essayist. She is also a qualified English teacher of 11-18 year olds. She has a Master’s in Education (awarded with distinction), an English Language Bachelor’s degree and an English Literature and Creative Writing Bachelor’s degree. She has been an examiner for one of England’s leading exam boards, a private tutor, a Deputy Head of Year, a Gifted and Talented Coordinator, a TEFL teacher, and a mentor to trainee teachers. Becky has written extensively for educational sites such as Audiopi, University Compare and The Calculator Site, and she can be found at


Dystopian Distractions: For When You Need to Read About a World Worse Than Your Own

What better time to escape the ludicrousness of real life than by diving into an alternate reality?

School Dinners

Jamie’s School Dinners: What’s on Children’s Plates 15 Years Later?

Who’d have thought that it’s almost 15 years since Jamie Oliver first waged war against fried food, sugary drinks and the infamous Turkey Twizzlers of the school dining hall? At the time, the 2005 government listened to Oliver’s crusade: they gave funding, the Children’s Food Trust was established, soft drinks were taken off the menu, […]


The Witchcraft of Shakespeare’s Time, and Why Macbeth Really Didn’t Help

With the royal criminalisation of witchcraft in 1604 (and before its 1736 retraction), hundreds of thousands of people in Europe were tortured, hung, and drowned.