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Ruth is an experienced teacher and freelance copywriter. She has taught subjects from Maths and English to Music and Art. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Sussex, which she topped up with a post graduate qualification to become a teacher. After well over a decade of teaching, Ruth now runs her own copywriting business, specialising in writing for and about children, families and education. Her passions include walking in forests, village bakeries and car boot sales. Contact her at


The Best Food for your Brain

The trouble is, when you’ve got your head in the books to cram in the exam prep, it’s tempting to reach for a quick-fix snack. That often means something processed, sugary or high in saturated fat…


6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing (Part 2)

If you also read regularly, you’ll internalise phrasing, vocabulary and nuances of language that will spill into your writing, without you even realising it.


6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing (Part 1)

Despite being written in 1946, Orwell’s ‘Six Elementary Rules for Writing’ are still relevant today.