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    Sumantha is an education and training specialist with over ten years' experience in developing and delivering adult and secondary level education. Her professional journey includes a six-year stint as a secondary school teacher. She is currently a freelance content writer and learning and development consultant. Sumantha also has a portfolio of private students who she teaches up to GCSE level.


    Writing a Killer Personal Statement for University

    Think along the lines of what might make the university decide to offer you an interview. Ask yourself, why should they want to meet me?


    How to Reduce Study-Related Stress

    Here are some ways to relax, designed to specifically alleviate study-related stress…


    3 Things You Should Be Doing Now Exams Have Started

    What should you be doing while in the momentum of exams?

    Jekyll and Hyde

    The Real Jekyll and Hyde

    Many suspect Deacon Brodie to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novella A Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Home Education

    How a 360 Degree View can help with Creative Writing

    Thinking of ideas to write on, knowing where to start and finding ways to incorporate different techniques can be challenging.

    Why Choose Politics?

    Exams Debate: Is it right for English GCSEs to be Closed Book?

    At present, GCSE English Literature exams does not allow students to take their textbooks in with them. The AQA exam board requires them to have learned the following:• A Shakespearean play• A 19th century novel• A modern text• 15 poems belonging to the anthology of Power & Conflict or Love & Relationships That’s 18 texts […]

    GCSE Exam Revision Tips

    Last minute GCSE Revision Tips

    It may be last minute, but you are not out of time. And you’d be surprised at how much you can pack into your short-term memory.

    GCSE Exams

    Lessons Learnt: 3 GCSE Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

    A great way to learn what the assessment objectives mean, is to do some research. There are many useful YouTube videos that discuss these.

    Study Schedule

    Study Tips for Dyslexic Students

    Here are some simple study tips for you to use independently and to share with your teachers.

    Shakespeare still matters

    Why Shakespeare is still relevant over 400 years since his death

    It’s likely we all cite him every day without even realising it.