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Know your Schools!

Read on, for a quick definition of the different types of secondary school now available…

Ever hear about the PISA Test?

In an open letter published in The Guardian this month, academics from around the world called for an end to the PISA test. In the strongly-worded letter, they argued that the PISA test, which ranks the education systems of different countries around the world, should no longer be taken by students. Here’s a quick review […]

Are School days too long?

Michael Gove has put forward a proposal to lengthen the school day for pupils, with the dual advantages of improving performance and making life easier for working parents. Improving performance and giving parents an easier balance? At first glance – and if we take all that we are told without thinking too hard about it […]

Getting back to work with a Bang!

Getting back into the swing of studying, especially after the Christmas break, can be hard for everybody – students, teachers and parents alike! It’s something to do with the anti-climax of real life after the magic of Christmas – the darkness after the fairy lights – and the realisation that the sparkling New Year is […]

Michael Rosen, Literacy and Mr Gove

In a series of open letters to the Education Secretary, Mr Gove, Michael Rosen has questioned various aspects of the current government’s education policies. The latest letter, published in the Guardian, asks Mr Gove to justify why, according to the many primary school teachers with whom Michael Rosen has been in contact, reading story books […]

Will Universal Free School Meals for everyone improve educational attainment?

Nick Clegg announced last month that from 2015, Free School Meals will be made available to all English children under 8 years old. Why is this policy being introduced, and what will it mean for children, parents and teachers? Free School Meals (FSM) are currently offered to children who come from low-income families and who […]

Time for Coursework to Go, An English teacher’s view

English mark schemes are often unfairly attacked for being subjective and open to manipulation, and nowhere is this claim made more vehemently than when regarding coursework. As a teacher of English, this is an accusation with which I have always strongly disagreed. Within the departments in which I have worked, the marking and standardisation of […]

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