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lifelong learning

What is Lifelong Learning?

With technology developing at pace and a shortage of young people choosing to pursue STEM subjects, how do we remain competitive in the global economic market?

Foreign Languages

Preparing your Child for Foreign Language Oral Exams

The good news is that there are many interactive tools available to support your child in learning to speak a new language.

Learning a Language Online

Foreign Language Study: Is the Future Online?

The popularity of foreign language study at GCSE level in the UK appears to be on the decline. In 2002, around three quarters of pupils studied a language other than English as part of their GCSE qualifications. Two years later, the government stopped making languages compulsory at GCSE level, and by 2011, participation had fallen […]

Holograms and Robotics

Beam me Up, Teacher! Could Holograms and Robotics be the future of Online Learning?

does the use of holograms in teaching provide the same authentic feel of having a lecturer or teacher physically present in the lecture hall or classroom?


Multitasking and Online Study – Help or hindrance?

if you’re pursuing online study, it’s imperative that you take time to consider how you can avoid multitasking distracting you from your studies.

Home Schooling works

Why choose to Home School in 2019?

For parents, ensuring their child’s schooling is top quality is vital, and home schooling is definitely worth consideration.

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