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    Eat Well Equals Study Well

    It’s widely known that eating regular, nutritious meals while studying or revising for exams is crucial for keeping your energy levels up, but did you know that certain healthy foods can actually boost your brain and improve your concentration? Indeed, while the temptation may be to indulge in sweet treats as a pick-me-up during a long revision session, tucking in instead to some of the following foods will not only satisfy your hunger pangs, but will have the added benefit of enhancing your brain capacity and your ability to remember key facts!

    Eat Brain Foods

    Versatile and suitable for any mealtime, eggs are said to contain a nutrient that improves your brain’s performance and your memory, while oily fish is lauded as a key ‘brain food’, to enjoy as part of a nutritious lunch or dinner. To further boost your memory, munch on some healthy daytime snacks that are rich in zinc, such as pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and almonds.


    Foods containing lots of Vitamin C are also essential, not only for improving your brain’s agility, but also for helping to regulate and manage any study-related stress or anxiety. Some widely available and popular examples include refreshing blueberries and blackcurrants, which can easily be added to your breakfast or dessert. A second important vitamin is Vitamin K, which helps increase brainpower and improve recall skills. This can be found for example in broccoli – a tasty vegetable accompaniment to your main meal of the day.

    Carbohydrates And Wholegrains

    Slow-release carbohydrates are essential for providing long-lasting energy to sustain you through your revision session: oats, muesli and bananas are great examples here. Enjoy them as part of your breakfast to keep you alert and focused for the duration of your study period. Wholegrains are also reputed to help you focus better and concentrate for longer, so for maximum advantage, choose wholegrain bread rather than white bread or pasta for your lunch or dinner.

    The next time you feel peckish during a long study session, remember to reach for the fresh berries rather than the chocolate cookies – to give your brain an added boost while at the same time banishing your hunger. Bon appétit!

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