Help! I think my child has School Phobia!

If you think your child has School Phobia, you may be experiencing difficulty reaching the gate to your child’s school. As you approach and draw closer, your child could begin to display an intense fear, possibly inducing such unmistakable physical symptoms as trembling, panic attacks, distress, vomiting, even diarrhoea and, at home, sleep disturbances. School […]

Scotland’s Act of Union

In September 2014, Scotland will vote for or against the continuation of the union with England, forged 307 years ago. The outcome of that vote will be momentous for both England and Scotland, full of hidden consequences in uncertain times. The union of Scotland and England in 1707 comprised two Acts of Parliament: The Union […]

The History of the Dictionary

The word dictionary was invented by John of Garland in 1220, when he wrote a book called Dictionarius to help him with his Latin diction. The earliest dictionaries in the English language were glossaries of French, Italian or Latin words, along with definitions of those foreign words. Ordered via subject rather than alphabetically, these books […]

The Necessity of Note taking

Taking notes is something that students mostly associate with skills learned in a classroom – so many may ask themselves if this is still essential for home schooled students. Moreover, many may think that it is only a necessary skill for those taking formal exams at the end of their course, such as IGCSE or […]

The History of The Periodic Table

‘The Periodic Table was first introduced by the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. Originally from Siberia, Mendeleev studied science at St Petersburg University, where he graduated as a chemist in 1856. By 1863 he was a Professor of Chemistry. Mendeleev first revealed his arrangement of 63 elements into his Periodic Table in his book, Principles of […]

Literature and the Roaring Twenties: The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

As a tutor for Oxford Open Learning, I am aware that learning is cross-curricular. I know, therefore, that, at times, history can be illuminated by literature. The Great Gatsby is an outstanding work of fiction which perfectly encapsulates an age of excess, wedged between war and austerity, after the horrors of Flanders and before the […]

Keys to Academic Success: Proofreading

As the Keys to Academic Success series draws towards a close, I am hoping that you have been able to benefit from its  advice on essay preparation and writing techniques. Writing effective essays is often a demanding task, and while its completion is very fulfilling and gratifying, it is also frequently the case that students […]

The British Raj and A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

As a tutor for Oxford Open Learning, I am aware that learning is cross-curricular. I know, therefore, that, at times, history can be illuminated by literature. In the 1920”s, a young woman called Adela Quested yearns to discover ‘the real India’ and we follow her search. We do not learn about true Indian culture any […]

Keys to Academic Success: Argument Structure in Essay Writing

Having done the best possible preparation for successful essay writing, it is now time to start the actual writing process. By now you should have a feasible time plan for essay composition and submission, well-organized notes, and clear ideas about what you want to write. The next step is to arrange your thoughts in a […]

Key Stage 3 History: 10: Who was the Most Successful Medieval Monarch?

Here is the last blog in our Key Stage 3 History series. This blog considers the success of the medieval monarchs we’ve looked at so far in the series. Who was the Most Successful Medieval Monarch? Ok, I need you to help me out. We were all talking about the Kings we’ve had and none […]

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