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    Refreshing Your Approach To Study In September

    Making It New For September

    September always seems a perfect time to begin anew. Brushing aside the shortening days, the looming Autumn and the dying of Summer, and harking back to our schooldays, September is reminiscent of fresh exercise books, shiny pens, clean-shaven pencils and new challenges. So, even for a distance learner, it is the perfect time to consider what you can do to keep your studies feeling fresh. Which of the following ideas are you going to try this month?

    Go Shopping!

    There is no more satisfactory way of freshening up your workstation than buying some new things. A plant, perhaps, a notebook, or even a snack box. A new pencil pot or lamp could be just what you need. Such redecoration of your desk or office space can do wonders for your motivation and productivity.

    Tidy Your Workspace

    Sometimes a clear out, a tidy or a rearranging session can be equally refreshing. Looking at a clear desk where everything has its place and where you have enough room for your laptop and books is vital to enable you to attack your to-do list with a sense of calm determination.

    Mix Up The Schedule

    Why not try experimenting with when you work best? If you are currently working in the evenings, why not try an hour in the morning instead? It is all too easy to get into a rut and convince ourselves we have found the best way that works for us, without truly knowing. Sometimes when needs must, we discover the positives to a way of working that we would never otherwise have tried. But why wait until needs must?

    Get On The Road

    Refresh your mind by working in a new environment. A café, a public library, your summer house, a friend’s house, even a pub, can all be good places to sit with your books or a laptop and crack on with that assignment. The ambience of a space with a little general chatter, or with the odd distraction to entertain you, can work well if you like a little background noise or a change of scenery.

    Think New

    Sometimes simply changing the way you look at things can be enough to refresh your approach to study. Perhaps reading a self-help book on procrastination or brushing up on your stoic philosophy will encourage a fresh can-do attitude to studying. Finally, there are many apps available that help you to organise your time in productive ways and encourage a new approach to getting things done.

    Make this September a time to shake things up, make things new, and get more studying done.

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