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    5 Other Blogs About Learning You Can Follow

    Educational blogs can be a great way to read about the latest current affairs and news that can help you learn and write better. Blogs are an easy way to read about someone else’s opinions and thoughts on a variety of issues, and can be a fantastic resource to learn about new things. Here are a few more blogs that stand out from the crowd.

    1) ICT Evangelist

    ICT Evangelist is a great blog run by Mark, a former schoolteacher who has more than twenty years of experience teaching in a classroom. As a former assistant headteacher, the writer gives great classroom advice to teachers and educators and shares innovative ideas to encourage learning in the classroom for teachers and students alike. This is a great blog for not only for teachers, though, students alike can use it as a tool to catch up with the latest education developments.

    2) Study Hacks

    The author of Study Hacks is a computer scientist and published author, who publishes articles in his blog about what makes students successful. The blog talks about big ideas at the intersection of technology and culture, learning and passion, and discusses topics relating to his books that feature a wide range of educational topics. The author is most famous for his idea that working effectively entails going into “deep work” which means working without distractions in order to thrive in any situation.

    3) Thank You Brain

    Thank You Brain is a fantastic little blog that offers insights and summaries of research about how to improve memory and learning. The author, Dr. Bill Klemm is a neuroscientist, education consultant, and professor who writes about some of his research on his blog. Learners at all ages will be interested in his interesting articles about how to boost brain power and learning.

    4) Grey Matters

    Train your brain by following this fantastic little blog which offers brain-stimulating exercises for learners of all ages and abilities. This blog is a great resource for people who want to improve their memory through fun and engaging exercises that can be done alone or in a group setting.

    5) Inner Health Studio

    This may seem like a strange thing to say, but learning how to relax can help improve efficiency and productivity during studies. This blog contains resources and articles that teaches you how to relax, be mindful and feel less stress in general, which will help you study and learn better.

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