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    How To Stand Out When Writing An Essay

    Writing is difficult and to fully author something interesting and fascinating takes a lot of work, dedication and time. Almost anyone can write an essay that follows a basic structure. So, what truly makes an essay stand out amongst the rest? How do you improve your writing and make your words shine?

    Short Sentences

    First, use simple short sentences. One of the biggest mistakes that writers make is to use complicated words and extremely long sentences in order to convey an argument and sound “better”. This actually has the opposite effect of making the essay more difficult to read and understand. Using simple words, avoiding jargon and complex terminology and using shorter sentences separated by punctuation marks helps improve the flow of the essay, making it sound better in the reader’s mind. Not only that, but shorter sentences and simple words actually help convey meaning better.

    Essay Structure

    Second, follow a logical structure. Many writers start writing without truly planning their essay. As a result of this, many of their writing lack structure and coherence. Essays are essentially tools used to convey an argument or persuade someone of a viewpoint. Therefore, following a logical structure with a clear introduction, argument and conclusion allows the text to stay focused on the topic and adds to its persuasive power.


    Third, write a powerful conclusion. The conclusion is arguably the most important part of an essay as it is the last thing your reader will read. A conclusion can create a long-lasting impact on a reader if done well, so it is worth spending time to craft a strong and clear conclusion which sums up your main points, as well as offer a short but powerful concluding remark that leaves a positive impression on the reader’s mind.

    Almost anyone can improve their essay-writing skills with these simple tips. Why not give it a try?

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