Advice on Bullying, from Oxford Home Schooling

Bullying at School

Bullying is a complex problem which in many instances can be resolved through negotiation with an educational establishment. It is extremely unlikely that they will be any more willing to tolerate bullying than you are.

It is a good idea, however, to prepare your case before you go into a school to talk about a bullying problem. Good suggestions of where to start can be found in the ChildLine Bullying link, or from the excellent parental guidance section at Bullying UK.

If an institution does prove unresponsive – fortunately this is a rare occurrence – it can take a long time to sort out the problem. In these circumstances, some parents feel compelled to remove their child from a school. Negotiating the transfer of a student from one state sector school to another can be tricky; local authorities are under no obligation to provide an alternative school of your choice. Indeed, the schools with places available may be those that are the least popular.

So is Home Schooling an option for you?

Home schooling will remove a child from school bullying, but to some extent it will also take them away from friends. If you choose to home educate your child, particularly if they have already been bullied, they will need emotional support in getting out and meeting new people. There are many places where your child can make new friends. Youth organisations, sports clubs and hobby groups may be good places to start.

Home schooling places additional demands on parents, who will need to become familiar with what their child should be learning. Indeed, in some cases, parents create their child’s curriculum for study. Parents who choose home education for their children need to be able to mentor them and ensure they are making progress on a course of study. For instance, if a child needs immediate help from their tutor, they should be encouraged to be proactive in seeking their assistance.

If you wish to discuss home education with one of our student advisers, please contact us. They will be ready to answer any questions you may have about home schooling.