How does our home education programme work?

You’ll find that support from Oxford Home Schooling starts from the moment you contact us. Our home education programme has five key components:

  • Your Student Adviser
  • The study pack
  • Supporting textbook
  • Personal Tutor in regular telephone contact
  • Tutor-marked Assignments

Your Student Adviser

When you first contact Oxford Home Schooling you will be put in touch with a dedicated Student Adviser who is there to help you choose the best course for your child and ensure that the course runs smoothly. Your Student Adviser is available all day on a free-phone number to provide help and advice with any aspect of your child’s course. All our Student Advisers understand the needs of children studying from home and we’re sure you’ll find them friendly and helpful.

“My Student Adviser answered all my initial queries very efficiently and was very helpful in organising course details and materials. This was very reassuring as I had enrolled relatively late for the course.” (Ms Helen Smith)

Your Study Pack

When your child’s application form has been accepted, you will receive their course Study Pack, which includes everything they need in order to start studying right away.

  • Course Folders: Each of our courses has been written to cover a specific syllabus, so you can be confident that, where there in an end of course examination, your child’s course will cover everything needed to pass the exam.

‘First class course materials. Foolproof and easy to access. I have found studying with Oxford Open Learning very satisfying and would recommend it to anyone.’ ( Coral Harvey, GCSE Mathematics ).

Supporting Textbooks

Although most of our courses can be studied without supporting textbooks, we recommend that you also provide your child with access to textbooks which complement the Study Packs. These textbooks can be purchased via individual course pages on our website.

Your Child’s Personal Tutor

Your child will have a personal tutor to guide him or her through the course. Shortly after enrolling, your child’s personal tutor will contact you to help complete the study plan for the course. Both you and your child can contact the tutor with queries by email or phone.

Tutor-marked Assignments

All our home education courses include a set of Tutor-marked Assignments (TMAs) to test your child’s knowledge and learning at regular intervals throughout the course. When your child receives a marked assignment, he or she will also receive a set of suggested answers to the TMA questions. Courses leading to external qualifications such as GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels also include mock exams at the end of the course that are marked by the tutor and returned to the student with a set of suggested answers.

Mentoring your child

See the role of the Mentor