Background information on Home Education in and around Bath

According to the Oxford Open Learning Trusts FOI requests, the number of Home Educated students in the Bath area has grown considerably in the last 10 years, rising from 88 in 2008 to 207 in 2018.  There are 26,507 School-aged children in the Authority meaning that just  0.78% of the school-aged population is home educated which is slightly below the national average of *.**

This may be related to our assessment of “The best and worst places to raise Children”

In this assessment Bath and Northeast Somerset was the 66th ranked council with a high house price to average wage ratio and only 73% of schools being rated as Ofsted Good or Outstanding.

Your Local Council Contact

For further information see Bath & North East Somerset Council guidance or contact:

Sam Lerway, Elective Home Education Coordinator

01225 394454

Local groups

The local area has an active facebook page which is only open local home educators  It also has a Yahoo Group here.


How can I arrange exams for my child in the Bath area?

Oxford Home Schooling keeps a database of centres where its students have sat exams and currently, there are 4 Schools in the Bath & North East Somerset Council area who are happy to take private candidates.  As well as this there are several centres in adjacent authorities.

Overall we would rate the simplicity of sitting exams as 4 out of 5 stars

Most Home Educators choose the sit international GCSEs from Edexcel as they are easy for a local school or college to administer.

Make a suggestion or get in touch

Do you have a suggestion for a resource in the Bath Area?f If so please send us a message using the form below.  Equally, if you wish to get in touch regarding studying with Oxford Home Schooling just send us a message with your questions.