Why do we have enrolment Deadlines?

Although the very nature of Home Education is that students study at their own pace, our tutors need time to mark the assignments within the course and provide suitable feedback.  You can see the recommended study hours below.

  • Key Stage 3 Single Year – 100 hours
  • Single GCSE – 200 hours
  • A single A level – 700 hours

These are the figures for an average student.  Some students might need less, some students might need significantly more.

Some of our subjects also have Non- Examined Assessment (NEA).  These subjects will have an earlier deadline than none NEA subjects.  This is because the dates for submission of NEA are considerably earlier than the examinations.

Enrolment Deadlines

Keystage 3 Courses

We do not have an enrolment deadline for Keystage 3 courses.  This is because there are no examinations for these subjects.  As a result, the course runs for one year from enrolment.

GCSE and IGCSE Courses

For Summer 2023 Exams (All Subjects) – November 14 2022

For November 2023 Exams (English and Maths GCSE resit only) – April 29 2023

For January 2024 Exams (English Maths and Science IGCSEs Only) – June 28 2023

For Summer 2024 Exams (All Subjects) – November 15 2023


A level  Courses

For Summer 2023 Exams (NEA Subjects) – September 15 2022

For Summer 2023 Exams (None NEA Subjects) – October 14 2022

For Summer 2024 Exams (NEA Subjects) – September 15 2023

For Summer 2024 Exams (None NEA Subjects) – October 18 2024


Don’t leave it till the deadline!

The later you leave it, the more pressure you put the student under.  Many of the students who enrol later in the year will find that they don’t have time to complete the course before the exam.  Whilst we are happy to defer a student’s examination dates in these circumstances (for a small fee!) we would rather the student was studying a manageable workload from the start, so please apply early.