It all starts with the course packs, which you’ll receive after our Student Advice team have assessed which courses are best for you and accepted your application to study. These resources are created by experts in the teaching profession, and include interactive, accessible lessons and revision materials that are great for both students and mentors.

As you learn, you’ll receive support from tutors on the content of the course and advice on the best ways to maximise your learning. As well as marking your tutor-marked assignments and giving you advice on how to improve, they also provide telephone support.

Once you’ve progressed through the course and are ready to sit your exams, you can utilise the great revision materials provided to you, helping you succeed with flying colours. We can also help you find a venue in which to take your exams – this can sometimes be difficult for home schooled students, but with OHS it’s a breeze.

There are loads of other things you can do to boost your revision technique. Click here to browse our guides.