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    My Studying Routines

    As a PhD student studying at Oxford University, I struggled to find a good balance between work and play. In the past, I struggled with procrastination, and a lack of motivation and planning. Since, however, I have developed an efficient daily routine to help me work more efficiently and absorb more information when I am learning. I want to share with you some personal tips and tricks that I use to enhance my studying on a daily basis.

    About Time

    First, find time to learn new information every day. The first thing I do after I wake up each morning is to listen to news podcasts and financial audiobooks on my Spotify. This means that I am learning about current affairs as soon as I wake up whilst I am eating breakfast. Audio books and podcasts are a great way to learn new things when you’re on the go. There are so many to choose from online!

    Schedule Your Studying

    Second, I follow a schedule for studying which takes me through the afternoon. Having a schedule means that my day is planned in an efficient and comprehensive manner. I revise and read certain texts during the afternoon, and take regular 10 minute breaks in between slots. Having a routine is important and allows me to “check” off what I have done mentally.

    At Leisure

    Third, I make sure to take some time off in the evenings to read something for leisure. With all the academic reading that I’m doing in the mornings, it is important to take a break and do something unrelated to what I’m currently studying. I find that doing something else “resets” my brain, so that I am ready for more serious work later on.

    These tips and tricks are just a few of many that I have developed over the years to help cope with the pressures of studying and writing. At the end of the day, it is important to find something that works for you, as everyone’s learning styles are different. By incorporating a schedule and sticking to a daily routine that includes a variety of activities that are conducive to learning, you too can enhance your studying experience.

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