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    International GCSE English Literature

    Course information

    Throughout our International GCSE English Literature students will study some of the world’s finest literary works, developing their skills as a reader and helping them to interpret a range of texts in a number of different ways.

    This course is designed to provide enjoyment as well as a qualification and is a great choice for students that already have an interest in books, poetry or other forms of creative writing.

    The International GCSE in English Literature enables students to:

    • Engage with and develop the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide range of literary texts from around the world
    • Develop an appreciation of the ways in which authors achieve their literary effects and to develop the skills needed for literary study
    • Explore, through literature, the cultures of their own and other societies
    • Find enjoyment in reading literature and understand its influence on individuals and societies

    The structure of the course is made up of six core modules, containing 23 lessons, 16 Poetry Anthology Worksheets, 11 Tutor-marked Assignments, and 2 Mock Exams.

    The course is split into 6 modules:

    The full lesson plan can be viewed in the course introduction in the course samples section below

    Oxford Home Schooling is currently enrolling on the Edexcel syllabus (4ET1) towards exams in Summer 2025 and beyond.

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    Examinations and assignments

    At the end of the International GCSE English Literature course students will need to sit two examinations.

    Paper 1 counts towards 60% of the final grade, and lasts 1 hour 45 minutes.

    Paper 2 contributes 40% of the final mark and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

    Course Duration

    When you enrol with Oxford Home Schooling we will agree on an intended examination date with you. Your support will last all the way up to this examination date, regardless of the pace you choose to study at.

    200 study hours are recommended for this course.

    Online Course? Paper Based? Somewhere in between? It’s your choice!

    All of our International GCSE English Literature students receive:

    • Traditional printed learning materials
    • Access to our online resources with on-the-go access to all your regular lessons
    • Unmatched support by a fully qualified teacher online and by phone
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    Course price

    Our International GCSE English Literature course fee is £395.

    You may pay using our interest-free easy payment scheme. Pay a £79 deposit followed by eight monthly instalments of £39.50.

    Multiple courses attract a discount. See our pricing page for further details.

    You will receive support from a fully-qualified tutor holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education.

    This support includes:

    • Marking all assignments for the course
    • Written answers to specific study problems
    • Telephone contact

    When you begin this course, you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser. Your support period lasts up to this examination date.

    Meet Our Tutors

    My passion for English started when my mum used to buy me books instead of sweets on our weekly trips to the supermarket. Thanks to her I still have all my own teeth and a love of literature! One of the things I enjoy most about teaching English is the variety. It’s rewarding to be able to see students develop their own writing style while also being able to appreciate the writing of others. I love those ‘light bulb’ moments when a student suddenly ‘gets’ an element of grammar or understands why a poet has used a particular phrase for effect. No two lessons are ever the same and I think that’s what has kept me in the profession for so many years.

    I’m a published author of crime fiction and spend part of my week making up stories for money. It’s amazing where a good grounding in English can take you!

    Heleyne Hammersley

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    What next?

    The study of English Literature GCSE allows students to progress onto A levels and ultimately a degree. The study of English Literature is useful in a range of new media and traditional careers such as Digital copywriting, Journalism, Teaching, PR, and Web content management to name but a few.


    Three primary books are studied within the course. Edexcel recommends the specific editions shown below. The examination of Of Mice and Men is a closed book examination. However, you may take an unmarked copy of An inspector calls and Romeo and Juliet into paper 2 of the examination.

    Mice Men Penguin Modern Classics
    Inspector Calls Penguin Modern Classics
    Oxford School Shakespeare Romeo Juliet


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    Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9–1) qualifications are comparable to the UK GCSE specifications, with appropriate international content and assessment that will enable successful progression for learners.

    Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs are studied in over 80 countries worldwide and in independent schools in the UK. Available in 37 subjects, they are equivalent, grade for grade, to UK GCSEs and accepted by universities globally. Aimed at learners aged 14 to 16, they provide the skills and knowledge needed to progress to A Levels, International A Levels, onto university and into employment.

    Full details of Pearson Edexcel’s International GCSEs can be found here

    You can enrol and start any time you like, the earlier the better. The important thing to think about is when you wish to sit your exam and to give yourself plenty of time to work through your materials and revise successfully. Our cut-off dates for enrolment can be found here.

    Once you have enrolled, you will get access to your course online immediately and your printed course materials will arrive a few days later.

    The English Literature IGCSE papers may be sat in the Summer or the Autumn examination series.  The Summer series typically runs from mid-May to late June and the Autumn series is in November.

    The final date for booking summer exams with the exam board without incurring late entry fees is the 21st of February. You should book your place at an exam centre well in advance of this date. Start looking once the autumn term begins.

    All the information you need to book an exam centre can be found in our Exams Hub. Here you will find

    • detailed instructions
    • entry codes needed to book exams
    • our map of examination centres where our students have sat in recent years.

    Tutors & Exams offers discounts to Oxford Home Schooling students and has nine current exam venues across the UK: Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton,  Coventry, Doncaster, High Wycombe, Romford, St Neots, Taunton and Wimbledon.

    Pearson Edexcel also publishes a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This won’t cover every available centre, so if there’s nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

    Your exam fees aren’t included in the course cost as they’re paid directly to the exam centre. They will vary depending on which centre you choose.  Generally speaking, dedicated examination services will be more expensive than a local school or college.  Prices range from £100 to £250 pounds.

    Oxford also runs the English GCSE course.  These courses are similar but we have outlined the differences below to aid you in choosing which to study.


    Both courses study Romeo and Juliet and An Inspector Calls. The GCSE includes Frankenstein by Mary Shelly whilst the IGCSE has Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

    Poetry Anthologies

    Both courses study 15 poems set by the examination board. There is very little overlap between the set poems.  The set poems can be found in the introductions of the courses which can be found by following the links below.

    Exam Duration

    The International GCSE has  2 exams totaling 3h 15 and

    The GCSE has 2 exams totalling 4 hours

    Style of the course,

    The style and structure of the courses are very similar.



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