Interpreting your Maths GCSE pre-release materials -

Interpreting your Maths GCSE pre-release materials

What is the Advanced Information

The main aim is to help you use your revision time effectively. In the case of Maths, you will see that the advice consists of a list of topics which will be the “major focus” of questions in each exam paper at either Foundation or Higher level.

To understand this fully, you would need to compare this list with the full list given in the AQA specification. But beware, these are very long lists of topics! Within this document, we recommend that you look at the ‘Aggregated’ content for the level that is your target (F or H). But it is still not an easy task because the two documents are laid out in very different ways.

Study the Whole Course

If a topic is not on the list, it does not mean you can ignore it. Every topic and skill named on the specification may be relevant to the answer of some question because all the skills in mathematics are closely connected to one another.

Our general advice is to complete all lessons but to keep this list of topics close to hand during the revision process and make sure you are prepared to answer questions on all these named topics.

Key Takeaways

  • If a topic is not on the list, it does not mean you can ignore it
  • complete all lessons and Tutor Marked Assignments
  • Use the Advanced Information to tailor your revision

Subject Updates

AQA may issue updated information or additional guidance at any point.  Please check the Subject page for English Language regularly.

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