Maths and Mechanics A Level

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Studying for a Maths A Level can have all kinds of benefits, whether you’re looking to develop your understanding of the subject or wish to use it to work towards a career goal. If you have a keen mathematical flair, studying Maths and Mechanics can take your study to the next level, making this A Level home education a great choice.

The course covers numerous aspects of Pure Maths, as well as Mechanics. You’ll study topics such as algebra, vectors, kinematics and Newton’s Law of Motion.

While you’re studying, our home education programmes mean you can benefit from the guidance of a tutor, helping you to prepare and gain valuable feedback ahead of the qualification’s exams.

If you’re interested in studying for a Maths and Mechanics AS or A Level, make an enquiry using the buttons below. Alternatively, you can read more about the topic on the following pages, and as always, get in touch with us should you have any queries.

M1 Pure Maths 1(Unit MPC1)

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Integration

M2 Pure Maths 2 (Unit MPC2)

  • Exponential
  • Logarithms

M3 Mechanics 1 (Unit MM1)

  • Vectors
  • Forces
  • Projectiles

M4 Pure Maths 3 (Unit MPC3)

  • Algebraic Functions
  • Coordinate Geometry

M5 Pure Maths 4 (Unit MPC4)

  • Vectors
  • Further Coordinate Geometry

M6 Mechanics 2 (Unit MM2)

  • Newtons Law of Motion
  • Kinematics

The Maths A level exams are assessed in May/June each year. There are 6 examination papers each lasting 90 minutes. Students who complete the first 3 modules can sit the AS examination if they wish and carry their marks forward to the full A level in following years.

Maths and Mechanics A Level and Home Education FAQs

The Maths and Mechanics Course has been specifically written to prepare candidates for the AQA examination boards Maths and Mechanics A level Qualification. The syllabus numbers are

  • As level – 5361
  • A2 level –6361

When you start your course with us you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser.  Your support period is then up to this examination date.

Normally speaking we would expect students to have a minimum of 4 good GCSEs in order to start the Maths and Mechanics A level course.  This must ideally include a grade B or above in Maths GCSE/IGCSE at higher tier or equivalent.

If you feel you have other qualifications  or experience which would enable you to start the course, please call one of our student advisers on 0800 0111 024 and we can discuss your suitability for the course.

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