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International GCSE Maths

Course information

Whether you’re looking to become a nurse, a pilot or even a deep sea diver, having an International GCSE Maths will help you get there. Outside of the world of work, an International GCSE Maths can be used to gain access to both A level courses, as well as university further down the line.

This course is designed to guide students through a number of mathematical skills, including algebra, geometry and graph work. Everyday skills are also covered, such as basic multiplication and money skills, just two subjects that are sure to prove useful later in life.

The International GCSE Maths course is tiered with a foundation and higher tier. The whole course is provided from the start. Students choose which tier they wish to be examined in as they progress through the course.  The first 30 lessons (7 Modules) cover the entirety of the foundation tier and is required for all students.

In total there are 12 Modules in this home educated course:

Foundation Tier

  • Module 1: Numbers
  • Module 2: Money
  • Module 3: Measurement
  • Module 4: Basic Algebra
  • Module 5: Basic Geometry
  • Module 6: Further Geometry and Trigonometry; Probability
  • Module 7: Graphwork and Statistics

Higher Tier

  • Module 8: Probability and Experimental Work
  • Module 9: Further Numbers and Equations
  • Module 10: Advanced Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Module 11: Further Graphwork, Statistics and Number Work
  • Module 12: Your Exam

These modules will be covered in detail throughout a total of 53 lessons, while an additional 12 tutor-marked assignments will be used to test the student’s knowledge at regular intervals.

Oxford Home Schooling’s International GCSE Maths course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel International GCSE in Mathematics (Specification A, 4MA1). The GCSE Maths course is also available.

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Exams and Assessment

Regardless of which tier you choose to study you will take 2 two hour examinations.

First Examination: Paper 1F or 3H: 2 hours – 50% of the total marks.

Second Examination: Paper 2F or 4H: 2 hours – 50% of the total marks.

Course duration and study time

When you enrol with Oxford Home Schooling we will agree on an intended examination date with you.  Your support will last all the way up to this examination date, regardless of whether you decide to do the course in 9 months or 30.

The recommended number of study hours for this course is 200 hours.

Course price

Our International GCSE Maths course fee is £375.

You may pay using our interest-free easy payment scheme. Pay a £75 deposit followed by eight monthly instalments of £37.50.

You will receive support from a fully-qualified tutor holding either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or a degree in education.

This support includes:

  • Marking all assignments for the course
  • Written answers to specific study problems
  • Telephone contact

When you begin this course, you will agree an examination date or dates with your Student Adviser. Your support period lasts up to this examination date.

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What’s next?

With an International GCSE in Maths, students will be able to gain access to A levels, as well as a number of professional careers. This includes careers in the armed forces, NHS and various other public and private sector industries, all of which require a grade of A to C in GCSE Maths.

University is also a popular option amongst those that have successfully passed their International GCSE qualification, enabling them to study at the highest possible level before entering the professional world of work.

Supported by Online Videos

In association with Twig World, The International GCSE Maths is enriched by extensive links to appropriate films (and other supporting material), lesson by lesson. The student hops from the course materials to the films and back again.

To access the films, students need a password, supplied at enrolment. Students also need internet access and an e-mail account to benefit from this extraordinary resource which is offered as a “free” extra to students on the relevant courses.

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The course contains a number of tests and activities, sufficient for most students to do well in the examination. However, if you feel you need more practice, we can recommend the following textbook:

It is not compulsory to purchase this text or any other.