Approaching Poetry in your English Literature GCSE Exam: Section C: Unseen Poems

The unseen poems come at the end of a long, complicated examination paper, so it is crucial that you have your timings all worked out before the exam.

Richard III: The Debate Continues

If Richard had scoliosis, does that prove he was the ‘crookback’ vilified by the Tudors and portrayed as such by Shakespeare? And, if so, can we conclude that his mind was as warped as his backbone?

Approaching Poetry in your English Literature GCSE exam: Section B: Comparing Poems

Preparation is key! It is absolutely vital that you are comfortable and familiar with all the poems.

How to plan your Coursework

The key to successfully planning coursework for any subject is allowing plenty of time, and incorporating as much detail as possible into your schedule.

Desks in Exam Room

How is Poetry examined in the AQA English Literature GCSE?

Students are not allowed a copy of the Anthology in the exam, a change from previous years.

The Last Invasion of Britain

At Fishguard, unbeknown to the French, cannon wasn’t being fired at them, but as an alarm to warn the local townsfolk. Nervously, the ships withdrew…

Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary was forced to abdicate from the Scottish throne in July 1567 and imprisoned in Lochleven Castle, whilst her infant son James was made king.

James Joyce

Moving to Croatia in 1904. Joyce taught English and learned Italian, one of 17 languages he could speak.

Winston Churchill

Reporting on the Boer War, Churchill was taken prisoner by the Boers while on a scouting expedition. However, he managed to escape, and travelled 300 miles to Mozambique, before getting back to Britain.

Life Writing

There is a difference between life writing and biographical writing.

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