Is the Space Race back on?

Rather than government bodies such as NASA, it is the billionaires of America who have their hands on the controls for the next race.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s superhero creations were legion…

Reading is good for you!

Five reasons why reading is good for your health

You could even find an interest in something you’d never heard of before.

The First Voyage of Captain Cook

Captain Cook

In 1772, Cook was promoted to full Captain and was given command of two ships, the Resolution and Adventure, to look for the Southern Continent. His explorations continued until he was 50 years old, when his interest in the lives of native populations caused his downfall…

Swords are Drawn

Battle of Edgehill: English Civil War Begins

King Charles was in conflict with his Parliament because he believed in the Divine Right of Kings; that the monarch should be able to rule however he liked.

choosing to Home Educate

Why I chose to Home Educate my child

… I felt the pushing for government targets, the associated paperwork and policies, all overshadowed the well-being of the children. I was also concerned that creativity and physical education were being pushed out by these targets and always had that same niggling doubt in my mind that ‘maybe this isn’t the best way’.

The Mary Rose: The Tudor knowledge raised with a Shipwreck

The Mary Rose is a time capsule of Tudor life. Historian David Starkey referred to it as, “Britain’s Pompeii.”

The First Blood Transfusion

This was a radical procedure at a time (1818) when the majority of medical professionals still tried to cure most complaints by draining blood from a patient rather than replacing it.

Edgar Allen Poe

Poe’s only driving force was his need to write.

Why are the novels of Agatha Christie still so popular?

For many, it’s about trying to solve the mysteries yourself, before the featured detective does. All the clues necessary are provided throughout the story, but very rarely are the solutions obvious.

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