Runners of The Great War: William Edwin Whitaker and Roy Klinzing

I hope that these stories of ordinary heroes help bring you closer to the history of the Great War, and illustrates the bravery required to do the job.

Words of Unity Poetry Competition

Words of Unity Poetry Competition 2020

The competition is open until 28 February 2020, and written poetry as well as spoken word performances are being accepted, covering everything from haiku, to limericks, to rap.

A Depiction of a Runner in Front of the Trenches at Arras

1917: The Runners of the First World War

The risk to a runner’s life was so great that messages were often sent with two or three carriers on different routes to ensure at least one reached its destination.

Puffin Books

Puffin Books Celebrate 80 Years

The first Puffins were published in 1940 as non-fiction books to support child evacuees. By the following year, Puffin had published its first four major storybooks, including the famous Worzel Gummidge.

Trump and Twitter

The Language of Trump and Twitter

No one politician has so challenged the norms of interaction than Trump, with his Twitter account a regular source of contention.

Gap Year

Can a Gap Year Improve Your Career?

An article on reveals that most HR managers believe that relevant work experience is more valuable than the average non-vocational degree.


The Best Food for your Brain

The trouble is, when you’ve got your head in the books to cram in the exam prep, it’s tempting to reach for a quick-fix snack. That often means something processed, sugary or high in saturated fat…


Making the Most of Your Christmas Break

A recent YouGov research found that 91% of the UK’s population engage in some Christmas celebrations. Sadly, Christmas for many people is all about spending money and going shopping. However, the Christmas holiday can be an inspiring and memorable time if we spend a little time planning it in advance. Reconnect with old friends In […]



The roots of the Hanukkah story date back to 168 B.C., when the Jewish Holy Temple was seized on the orders of the Greek emperor Antiochus.


Should I Start a Business or Go to University?

A number of the world’s most successful people, such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Bill Gates, did not go to university.

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