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April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day

Many countries around the world, particularly those with colonial connections to Europe, mark April Fool’s Day, and each has its own traditions for doing so.


The World’s Favourite Books

Presented in no particular order, this list is a selection of some of the world’s favourite books, as credited by top writers, literary critics and scholars.

Valentine's Day

Did Hallmark Really Invent Valentine’s Day?

Across the centuries, whilst many Christian followers did pay tribute to Saint Valentine on the 14th of February, there was no actual record of romantic celebrations on the specific date, until a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer, written around 1375.

Joan of Arc

Joan Of Arc

Joan began to have visions in which she claimed to have communicated directly with saints, and that these saints had designated her the saviour of France.


Want To Go Plastic Free? Here’s How.

Many of us do our best to recycle plastic but it is estimated that 30% of recyclable plastics end up in landfill anyway because people are unsure about which plastics can and cannot be recycled.

Mary Anning

Mary Anning

Even after scientists started to take Mary more seriously and began purchasing fossils from her, they often did not credit her in their writings, despite her having discovered, cleaned, and identified them.

Electric Cars

Are Electric Cars Really The Future?

Do Electric Cars solve all our vehicle-related issues? Even if all electricity was generated through renewable sources (which it currently is not), it’s important to remember that the manufacture of electric vehicles still generates carbon.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels: What Happens When They Run Out?

The high demand we place on these non-renewable resources cannot last forever and if we continue to consume them at current levels the date at which they will “run out” is worryingly close.


What Could Be The Best Subjects To Study At A Level?

Regardless of whether you want to go to university or not, when choosing your A-level options it is important to opt to study subjects which you think you will enjoy.


Which Language Should You Learn?

Let’s take a look at three of the most common European languages taught in UK schools and consider some of the benefits of learning each.