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    Bicycles: From Dangerous Designs…

    Whilst the four-foot-high saddle of the Penny Farthing made it very difficult for riders to mount and offered a dangerously unstable ride, this new model gave rise to the first bicycle clubs and competitions.

    The Bromsgrove Guild

    The Bromsgrove Guild

    The years leading up to World War One were seen as The Guild’s golden age.


    When Did Britain Become Britain?

    Before we learn about how the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland united, let’s first clarify the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

    Women's Day

    International Women’s Day

    This International Women’s Day – the 8th of March – let’s celebrate some of the most successful and influential young British women.


    Jane Austen

    Austen was a little known author during her lifetime, and she didn’t become a household name until the Victorian era.

    Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill

    To mark his birthday, we present a few interesting but perhaps little-known facts about one of the most famous British Prime Ministers in history.


    The First American Pilgrims

    Conditions in the first settlement, combined with the harsh North American winter, meant that by the spring of 1621 around half of the Mayflower’s passengers had died, succumbing to disease and the cold.



    The concept of abstaining from eating any animal-derived products has existed for centuries, originating in ancient Indian and east-Mediterranean cultures.


    Britain’s Best Buildings

    To mark World Architecture Day on the 3rd of October, here we celebrate some of Britain’s most iconic and best-loved structures.

    The Royal Highland Gathering

    The Royal Highland Gathering

    It is thought that the gathering began in the 11th century when King Malcolm Canmore visited Braemar and called upon the clans of the area to present their men to compete against each other to find the strongest, fastest and most skilled warriors.