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    Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla: Illuminating the Future

    Tesla was constantly inventing. Even while working as a telephone line repairman, he would tinker around with the equipment, and through this invented a precursor to the loudspeaker.


    COP28: Milestone Or Not?

    It is currently predicted that global temperatures will reach 2.5C in the near future despite the current pledges to tackle emissions.


    Entrepreneurship And Its Evolution

    What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in this modern age?


    Cities Of The Future

    Current urban space constraints may be resolved through vertical expansion, taking advantage of the space high above the ground within.


    Is Globalisation In Decline?

    Geopolitical tensions between major economies have resulted in trade disputes and protectionist measures, causing a re-evaluation of trade relationships.


    The Dynamic Nature Of Language Evolution

    New concepts and ideas, cultural shifts, technology and social dynamics all give rise to language evolution.


    The Dynamic Nature Of Language Evolution

    The dynamic nature of language evolution highlights its resilience and adaptability to changing societal needs and contexts.

    Stephenson's Rocket

    Stephenson’s Rocket: Rise Of The Locomotive

    George Stephenson’s vision, engineering skills and relentless pursuit of innovation revolutionised transportation, enabling faster and more efficient movement of goods and people.


    Brunel And His Great Bridges

    Brunel’s engineering prowess, visionary thinking and bold approach to design have left a lasting impact on this country.


    The Other French Rebellion Behind Les Misérables

    The June Rebellion as portrayed in Les Misérables is a fictionalised account inspired by real historical events.