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    International Book giving day

    International Book-Giving Day

    International Book-Giving Day came about because a group of passionate individuals wanted reading to be celebrated.


    The Art Of Writing A Letter

    A hand written letter can end up as a treasured possession, or in some cases, of historic significance.


    Winter Fitness And Swimming The Serpentine

    Famously, the Peter Pan Cup requires participants to swim 100 yards through the Serpentine’s Christmas Day waters.

    The Wren

    The Wren: December’s Other Bird

    The wren is very common in folklore literature.


    Surviving The Lull Between Resits And Results

    One piece of advice I think is crucial is this: as soon as you have completed the resits, try to forget about them.


    Writers Writing About November

    Emily Dickinson says how ‘November always seemed to be the Norway of the year’. Maybe this metaphor is linked to the month’s darkness.


    Dictionary Day – 16th October

    Today, if you think about American spellings of words like ‘color’ (in the UK, we’d write ‘colour’), much of it is linked to American dictionary pioneer Noah Webster.


    Journey Into Secondary

    Whatever your personal circumstances, you are likely to rise to the challenge and move forward on your journey successfully.


    Putting The YA in “Yay”

    Young adult (YA) readers are spoilt for choice – there is so much to choose from nowadays that no-one can say ‘there’s nothing to read’.

    Capture the sunset

    Capture The Sunset Week

    Capture the Sunset week begins on Monday.