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    International Book giving day

    International Book-Giving Day

    Here we are again, in the month of love – February.

    For many, the 14th of this month is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to avoid it, to be honest, with the shiny red displays in supermarkets, with glossy hearts and cuddling teddy bears – as soon as Christmas is out of the way, the shelves are full of all things love-related. But wait. Is the most important thing about February Valentine’s Day? No, actually, it isn’t. This year, we even have an extra day, with 2024 being a leap year. However, this blog isn’t about the 29th – it’s about International Book-Giving Day, which is also celebrated on 14th February.

    International B00k-Giving Day

    I love giving books as gifts just as much as I love receiving them. I love sharing a favourite read with a friend, or adding to someone’s coffee table collection of beautiful hard-backs. There are so many books out there – literally, something for everyone – that gifting them is a wonderful thing to do. And if you are averse to everything that Valentine’s Day promises, it could be a perfect alternative to celebrate midway through it. Of course, you could even combine your love for someone with a gift of a book – probably much better than a red rose or a satin heart. Didn’t Carol Ann Duffy make similar claims in her poem ‘Valentine’?

    And or Or

    International Book-Giving Day came about because a group of passionate individuals wanted reading to be celebrated. Now, it is recognised around the globe and people participate in different ways. Yes, you can go to your local book shop and buy your favourite read to give to someone else – but it’s not just this. You could donate some books to a charity shop or your local library. You might choose to leave a book or two in secret spots around your town – perhaps posting about it on social media to generate more interest. We have many other book events which celebrate reading in various forms, but this particular day focuses on giving book(s) to someone else, be it an individual or an organisation. Sharing a book equates to sharing a love of reading.

    So, when February 14th rolls around, don’t think it’s all about sickly-sweet cards and stuffed fabric hearts. Think about books, and what they can offer, and how they can change someone’s life. If you love reading, share this passion with someone else. Reading is, without a doubt, a brilliant way of taking someone on a different journey.


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