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    Hi, my name's Phil. I am a Content Writer and Producer. My background is a mixture of education, social media and management. I've spent a lot of my career working in Latin America and Spain, and I have a love for languages and education.


    Can Cartoons Show Us The Way?

    Cartoons’ very nature seems childish to the modern eye, but this allows them to explore areas not readily permitted for other media.

    Social media

    Using Social Media In Schools

    Knowing what is trending on a particular day can be a great way of engaging students in other educational materials.

    language learning

    The State Of Language Learning In Schools

    Without the cultural awareness that comes with language learning the UK could fall behind in an increasingly globalised market.


    Why Philosophy Is Important (And How To Learn More)

    It is hard to truly appreciate history without an appreciation for the history of ideas.


    Education as Storytelling

    In subjects with obvious narrative associations, like English Literature, the stories themselves can actually be overlooked, in favour of analysis.

    The Barefoot School

    The Barefoot School of Bunker Roy

    The Barefoot School also works with local people to help them learn about what is useful to them, such as their civil rights.


    How to Educate for The Green Revolution

    One estimate is that 23% of young people will pursue green careers. So how can we make them succeed?


    Maximising Your Learning Potential

    Mental energy is like currency, so spend it wisely.

    Foreign Language

    How Can I Possibly Learn a Foreign Language?

    Here are some of the best reasons why you’ll be able to learn a new language.