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    Using Social Media In Schools

    Why Social Media Is Important To Schools And How To Use It

    There are many benefits to using social media in an educational context. Embracing this technology can make schools run more smoothly, give students an interactive platform that they naturally know how to respond to and help education transition into the digital era. So how can social media be used in schools and what are the advantages?


    Social media is what it says on the tin, a social and communicative tool. Embracing this technology makes communication between students and teachers (as well as between teachers) much easier. In the context of distance learning during the coronavirus, this type of efficient online communication is essential.


    A class blog can make writing more engaging for students by giving it a direct and interactive appeal. Writing without a real audience is less communicative after all. Furthermore, at the end of a project, there is something that can be shown to other people. Blogs are also part of Web 2.0, i.e. the content is not dead when finished, as it can be commented upon and stimulate further ideas.

    Facebook Groups

    Livestreams via Facebook groups can be a great way of delivering classes, particularly during lockdown scenarios. Again, this content is fully interactive. The groups can also stimulate constructive class debates on popular topics.


    The world progresses at an unfathomably rapid pace nowadays, and social media is a big part of this. By using an interactive web-based platform, teachers can stay abreast of the updates and stay on trend. This can be a big problem for educators, as many teachers are famously technophobic. It is because of this that there is a growing disconnect between their frames of reference and those of the students. Knowing what is trending that day can be a great way of engaging students in other educational materials.

    Social Media Education

    Teachers can post and ask students to share their posts to demonstrate the viral nature of information. Further, by adopting social media in classrooms, students can be taught about etiquette and the potential dangers of the irresponsible use of social media; There is a saying which goes, “once it’s on the internet, it’s for life”.

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