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    Cardenio: Shakespeare’s Lost Play

    Most scholars think that this lost play is a dramatisation of the ‘Cardenio’ character’s scenes in Don Quixote.


    Contemplating Cloud

    In 1802, British chemist and amateur meteorologist Luke Howard invented a system for naming clouds which is still in use today.


    Surprising Facts About Shakespeare

    Why not mark the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death by brushing up your knowledge of the great man with these five lesser-known facts?

    Tolkien Reading Day

    Tolkien Reading Day

    If you’ve already read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, why not try Tolkien’s lesser-known, or more complex, works?


    Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Painter, Singer… Spy?

    The term ‘Impressionism’ was originally meant as a criticism.

    Reynolds Stone

    Reynolds Stone: Public Art By A Private Man

    If you’ve ever visited Westminster Abbey, you’ve probably seen his memorial stones commemorating the former prime minister Winston Churchill, and poet T. S. Eliot.

    Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens: The Man and His Characters

    Charles Dickens was also famous for his public lectures and performances, and campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the poorest and most vulnerable people in British society.

    Show don't tell

    National Storytelling Week

    We usually think of stories as being written down and contained within the pages of a book; nevertheless, they are part of a rich and ancient oral tradition.

    Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

    You might know that 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. But what else do you know about this fascinating time of year?


    The Christmas Robin

    The robin’s brightly-coloured breast, ostensibly so pretty and Christmassy, is really another form of territorial defence.