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    National Storytelling Week

    What’s Your Story?

    National Storytelling Week 2023 is taking place from 30th January to 5th February. It’s a celebration of the wondrous power of creating and telling stories. Stories provide us with entertainment and escapism. Stories can also be educational; they help us to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, to enhance our vocabularies and to explore and experiment with language. Perhaps most importantly, stories can liberate our imaginations, help us to develop empathy for other people, and enable us to understand more about ourselves and the world.

    Stories Old And New

    National Storytelling Week is the ideal time to investigate stories, whether they’re by a familiar favourite author, or by someone whose work you’ve never read before. We usually think of stories as being written down and contained within the pages of a book, but they are part of a rich and ancient oral tradition. You might like to experience the drama and excitement of a live storytelling event by a professional storyteller. Storytelling events are often held in local libraries. The website of the Society for Storytelling also provides a list of events taking place across the UK. Alternatively, you could seek out stories closer to home, by asking those around you to share their stories, or even becoming a storyteller yourself. After all, we all have our own unique stories to tell.

    Become A Storyteller

    Why not take a little time during National Storytelling Week to tell your very own story? Your story could be true to life, or imaginary. It could be inspired by anything, anyone, or anywhere you choose: maybe a childhood memory, a family tradition, a friend, a journey, an invented time or place, or a vision of the future? You might like to write your story down, or to tell it to a friend or family member. One way to present your story is by gathering details together in a notebook or scrapbook: not only words, but also pictures, photos… whatever items have personal meaning for you. You might share your story with others, or keep it just for yourself. Whatever you decide to do with your story, the act of expressing it has great value. And your story will be there for you to reflect on, rediscover and retell, whenever you want to.

    Further Information On National Storytelling Week

    To find out more about National Storytelling Week, and to try out some related activities and resources, take a look at the National Literacy Trust’s website. National Storytelling Week 2023 Activities | National Literacy Trust | National Literacy Trust

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