Articles by Richard Tubb

Animal Farm by George Orwell

The Nation’s Favourite School Book

We thought that by reminding people of the books they enjoyed at school, it could encourage people to set aside some time, put the kettle on and begin reading again.

Permission Forms: Why are they important?

What is a Permission form and Why do I need to complete and return it to OHS?

Student Insights – Jess’s Story

I loved the freedom of home education and thrived in learning this way.

Hanukkah, 17th December

Lasting for eight days, Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, this year the 17th December.

The First Men on the Moon

21st July 1969 will be forever remembered as the day that mankind set foot on the surface of the moon for the very first time.

The 100 Years War

On July 17th, in 1453, the English army was beaten by the French at the Battle of Castillon. This battle marked the beginning of the end of a period of warfare between England and France, known as the Hundred Years War. This war was in fact a series of battles, which were punctuated by periods […]

Blue-Sky Thinking

It’s summer, and perhaps we shall see some blue skies overhead. A nice sight, certainly, but is it anything more? Blue-Sky means having the pleasant appearance of a blue sky. A completely blue sky has no opaque objects, in other words no clouds. Similarly, Blue-Sky Thinking was considered to be empty thinking (i.e. a blue […]

The Science of Spin

With Wimbledon coming up, we thought it would be fitting to think about spinning tennis balls. The basic spin shots in tennis are topspin, backspin, and slice or side-spin on the serve. The spinning of tennis balls is defined by Bernoulli’s principle which states that when the velocity of a fluid increases the pressure decreases. […]

Psychological Perspectives on Bullying

According to a report published by Ditch the Label (2013), up to 69% of people will experience bullying while at school, with appearance and interests proving to be ‘the biggest targets for playground taunts.’ The impact of this bullying on achievement and attainment at school is profound, with 56% of bullied pupils feeling that their […]

Hitler: the Soap Opera

Aolf Hitler died in a Berlin bunker on April 30th 1945, taking his own life in the face of inevitable defeat. A long time has passed since, but as the anniversary comes around once more, it perhaps warrants consideration of how much literature has been written about him in the intervening years. because it is […]

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